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Jacks or Better – 50 Line

Jacks or Better 50 Line is just like the popular Jacks or Better game, but in this version you get 50 hands.

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Multi-hand video poker

This video poker offers not one but fifty chances to win whenever you play! Your object is to win the five-card poker hand with the winning combination of cards. It is poker at its best, with multiple hands to play so you can spread your bets, win big and turn up the excitement on an already enthralling game!

The better your hand is, the better your pay-out will be too! And you are in control. You can choose to replace your cards only once, but you get to choose how many to replace and when. You will soon get a feel for the game and every time you play you will become more skilled and replacing the right cards ant the right time.

When you play multi-hand Jacks or Better you can expect good quality video game poker, good quality graphics, good quality game play and the very best in quality prize pay outs! This is why it is increasingly the top choice amongst poker game enthusiasts.

After each round that you play, the cards are all returned to the deck and shuffled, just as they would be in a real game at any casino. To play the game, all you need to do is select the value you wish to bet on each round and then start to play!

You can getting going right now and try this brilliant video poker game for free. We’ll give you the added bonus of letting you save your winnings too. Then when you are ready, you can play for real money and watch as your winnings grow. You’ll be busy having fun and playing poker as though you were sitting in the finest casino, and all the time your winnings will keep growing and growing.

Watch out for those winning combinations, they are your ticket to fantastic rewards whenever you play Jacks or Better with 50 hands. Start playing now and join the thousands of poker enthusiasts who say this is their favourite of all the video poker games.