Ultra Hot Slots

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Ultra Hot Deluxe

Ultra Hot Deluxe is the newest version of Novomatic’s much loved and popular classic slot machine game. You have seven colourful, juicy and eye-catching fruits to play with, and the design of the game resembles the traditional and much loved Fruit Machines of old. There are three reels, just like with the original, and they all spin around with their fruits. You really will get a nostalgic buzz with Ultra Hot Slots.

As you play Ultra Hot Slots, your aim is to match three of the fruit symbols on all three of the reels. Simple isn’t it? Your wining combinations go from left to right and they really will result in some big wins.

Why don’t you try it right now, it’s free. If you have never played it, you should give it a whirl. You will not regret it. Playing Ultra Hot Slots gives you the benefits of the much loved fruit machine with all the speed and high energy game play of today’s modern slot games.

And you can play to win big, that’s a certainty! You can choose your stake for every game you play. And the more you bet, the more you will win. Plus, get the right combination and you can also gamble your winnings using the Gamble button and then you could win even more!

The choice is yours, but however you choose to play, and whatever your pay line bet is, there is no doubt you will have hours of fun and you will see your prize find grow.