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Oasis Poker

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About Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is a game popular all over the world. It is a form of Caribbean Stud Poker. The difference is that there is a drawing round which provides the player with an extra playing decision and the opportunity to play strategically.

The game is played with the standard 52 card deck. The dealer will shuffle the cards after each hand is played. You are competing against the dealer and the best five-car hand will win. It really is as simple as that!

The reason this game is so popular is because it involves the player, they can make their bets and they are in control of their hands with options to replace cards if they wish. And as you lay and bet against the strength of your hand, you will accumulate and build up the amount you could win if yours is the wining hand.

Oasis Poker is such a great choice for beginners to online poker video games. You’ll also enjoy being able to save your winnings when you play for free! Once you are using real money, you will be delighted with the thrill of gambling and playing just like a seasoned poker player.