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Joker Wild Poker

Jokers Wild is a brilliant game, loved by many. It is one of the ever popular five-hand poker games. This version adds a Joker card to the pack of 52 cards and acts as the Wild card. When it appears it can act as any card! Imagine the amazing combinations you could come up with if you had the Joker in your hand. And imagine the winnings you would get too!

You will also be amazed just how often the Joker will appear when you are playing this game for any length of time. Once you have placed your bets the cars are dealt. If you are lucky enough to find the Joker in your hand, your odds of winning will increase dramatically.

All you need to do is have the winning hand and you’ll see the cash prize go into your winning account. This is known as a brilliant game for beginners and seasoned poker players. It gives you the excitement and thrill of quick card play and the satisfaction of a video game with a fantastic pay-out.