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The Money Game

Classic from the local slot machines.

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Free Money Game from Novomatic Slots

The Money Game is exactly as its name suggests – it’s all about the money! And this is why it is such a popular game. If you love slot games and love money, this is the game for you. Novomatic have given you a slot game with a money theme that shows you and gives you money!

It is easy to play as well so it’s the perfect game for new players or slot enthusiasts who are looking for something simple and fun to play for a few hours. It is a 5 reel 9 pay-line slot game which comes with the standard Novomatic double or quits special feature.

All the symbols represent dollar signs, dollar bills and huge fat bags of cash! Watch out for the Wild it will bring you luck and the potential of a big win when it appears.

Start playing now for free and you can save your winnings straight away. Then once you have tried it, there’s no doubt you’ll be ready to lay for real money so you can place your bets and win big money with the money game! What more could you want? – Fun, excitement, and the chance to win cash while you play your favourite slot game.